The association

The Catalan Association of 22q Syndrome emerges from the need to offer our autonomous community a meeting place for families affected by the 22q syndrome.

The association goals are:

Impulsar a la Comunitat Autònoma de Catalunya els tractaments adequats a les persones afectades per la Síndrome anomenat Velo-Cardio-Facial (VCFS), conegut també com a Síndrome Di George o de Deleció del Cromosoma 22q11; Síndrome Shprintzen, Catch 22, Síndrome Opitz, o “Conotruncal Face Anomaly”.

Col·laborar amb les diferents administracions responsables per a la implantació en l’àmbit de la Comunitat Autònoma de Catalunya d’un eficaç sistema de tractament de les conseqüències clíniques de les persones i familiars afectades per aquesta síndrome, i en especial de les relatives al llenguatge i a la comunicació, als aspectes cognitius, i al desenvolupament emocional i social de la persona.

To promote in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia the appropriate treatments for people affected by the Syndrome called Velo-Cardio-Facial (VCFS), also known as Di George Syndrome or Chromosome 22q11 Deletion; Shprintzen Syndrome, Catch 22, Opitz Syndrome, or “Conotruncal Face Anomaly”.

Provide the information, advice and support to families affected by the Syndrome and establish among them an exchange of information and experiences that will help us overcome the sensation of loneliness and anguish of the first moments after the diagnosis.

Stimulate basic and clinical medical research in the area of Genetic Syndromes and achieve collaboration and understanding among the organizations and groups involved in the fight against genetic disorders.

Work on raising funds to advance knowledge and study of possible treatments, as well as collaborate with the studies that are carried out and promote the training of specialists, conferences and seminars.

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